As a platform for servicing student loans, MyGreatLakes provides a number of tools to assist borrowers keep track of their payments and other debts. Some of the services offered include planning for payments, deferral, forbearance, and debt consolidation. 

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  • To be informed about the status of your payment, check back often. In order to keep you informed about payments, MyGreatLakes sends you email reminders. 
  • You may temporarily lower or delay your loan payments using MyGreatLakes, which is a great option. So that you never run out of money to cover your other expenses, you may adjust the monthly payment amount as needed.
  • You may be certain that your payments will be made on schedule and that you will be able to track the status of your loan at any moment. Maintaining order and staying on top of things is best accomplished in this manner. You can be certain that all of the information about your loan is up-to-date and correct.
  • You may pay your student loans online and see your data securely with MyGreatLakes. See your current balance, establish automatic payments, get reminders, and much more with MyGreatLakes. Payment confirmations and reminders will be sent to you at predetermined intervals.

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  • All of this is within your reach from the comfort of your own home, on your computer or mobile device. It is quite easy to get your loan information with MyGreatLakes. On MyGreatLakes, you can simply see how much you owe on each of your loans.
  • There is a safe identity verification procedure in place at MyGreatLakes to make sure the information you provide them is correct and trustworthy. One form of government-issued picture identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or Social Security number (SSN), will be used to confirm your identity throughout this procedure.
  • Thanks to the intuitive software MyGreatLakes, keeping up with your student loan payments is a breeze. The straightforward design makes it easy to see repayment schedules, loan amounts, and analysis of past payments.
  • After confirmation, your personal information is securely stored by MyGreatLakes, so you can rest easy knowing that it won’t be disclosed every time you utilize their services. Logging onto MyGreatLakes and making use of its services will be completely risk-free because of this.
  • In a refinancing, the new lender takes care of everything. The refinancing business will still send the payment to Great Lakes for processing, even if the new lender may get their hands on the funds right away. 
  • The MyGreatLakes return program gives borrowers the opportunity to get some of the money they spent on refinancing back. The usual timeframe for this is within 48 hours after the new loan is approved. One possible application for this return is to invest in the stock market, put some money down for education, or pay off debt. Any choice you make about your refund; MyGreatLakes makes it easy to get your money back.
  • With MyGreatLakes, all you need is access to a secure online dashboard to manage your loans and payments. If you are experiencing problems managing your finances, we are happy to provide a free service to help.
  • To alleviate the burden of loan administration and free up cash flow, you have the option to temporarily cease or decrease payments. 
  • For this reason, MyGreatLakes is a great choice for students who want to be financially independent after graduation..